Your municipality is stuck with owners who accumulate environmental nuisances or unhealthy conditions on their land?


Diogenes syndrome is a behavioral disorder leading to neglected living conditions. If the owner or occupant does not comply, the municipality may request a judge of the Superior Court to order it to take action. The judge may also authorize the municipality to take the necessary measures, at the expense of the owner or the occupant and if the owner or the occupant does not comply.


PurNat has developed expertise in the management of bulky items of all kinds ranging from several hundred tonnes. The mandates are carried out by our team of cleaning experts.

Our services

  • ASSESSMENT OF ILLEGAL DUMPSAn assessment of your illegal dumping ground problems, We are working with your municipality officials to clean up public lands, ecological reserves and other types of land
  • EXPERTIZE AND SOLUTIONSWe offer our expertise and our solutions. A service tailored to the needs of your municipality and your resources
  • CLEANUPSOur turnkey cleanups are managed 100% by our team from the planning of cleaning to the disposal of waste
  • DIOGENES SYNDROMEWe work closely with municipalities affected by a widespread phenomenon called Diogenes syndrome
  • DETAILED REPORTSEach cleanup operation is accompanied by a complete cleanup report as well as recommendations will be suggested
  • PREVENTION MATERIALInstalling custom signs and cameras can be a deterrent


The use of personalized tailor-made signs can be a deterrent.

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The use of surveillance cameras reduces the proliferation of illegal dumps.


We offer the most reliable, flexible and secure mobile connection security system available on the market today.

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