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Benoit Limoges, Biologist, M. Sc.

Biological diversity, also called "biodiversity", refers to all of the earth's species and ecosystems as well as the ecological processes of which they are part. In fact, it encompasses everything that lives, including varieties created by genetic manipulation or by selective crossing. This diversity forms the biosphere, this tangle of living organisms that makes possible the existence of human beings on earth.


Working as an international consultant in biodiversity and ecological services, Benoit Limoges, M. Sc. Biologist, offers his services through PurNat for a wide range of studies and advice related to the North American environment and sustainable development. By contributing to an ecological planning of activities, he ensures that the deployment of PurNat's operations respects fauna, flora and ecosystems. Its contribution makes it possible to optimize the positive impacts while minimizing the negative impacts, when there are any. Thanks to its expertise,


PurNat can determine the monetary value of its natural capital activities. A recognized speaker, he contributes to the training of the new generation through regular involvement with the University of Montreal and Laval University.