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Vosker V-SBOX2
  • Vosker V-SBOX2
  • Vosker V-SBOX2
  • Vosker V-SBOX2
  • Vosker V-SBOX2
  • Vosker V-SBOX2

Vosker V-SBOX2



VOSKER Metal Security Box for V150 Security Cameras, Weather-Resistant Heavy Duty Steel, Protects Camera from People, Animals, Theft and Environmental Damage



· Holes in the back to anchor to any surface

· Holes on both sides to insert a cable-lock (#V-CB-LOCK) or a standard lock

· Hole in front to install lock

· Fits VOSKER V150 security cameras

· Compatible with VOSKER 360 mounting arm (#V-MT360)

· Removable front part for easy usage

· Heavy-Duty Steel security box

VOSKER Camera Support – This heavy-duty security camera protection box can easily fit the V150 camera to provide flexibility and support outdoors.

Rugged All-Weather Design – Crafted from a premium-grade steel our security camera box is made for year-round use, so you can safeguard a home or property in even the most unstable weather.

Quick, Stable Mounting – We’ve added holes on both sides to make it easier to insert our cable lock, as well as hole on the front to install a traditional padlock or key lock.

Mountable for Added Stability – Inside the high security lock box on the back you’ll find holes that help you screw it into a flat surface, pole, or other access point to provide longer-lasting resilience.

Smart, Accessible Front Panel – The best part of the Vosker lock box is that the removable front section makes it easier to install or remove a camera to check stored pictures or videos and swap battery. It’s also compatible with VOSKER 360 mounting arm #V-MT360.

3 ways to mount the security box:

1. Using a cable lock (V-CB-LOCK)

2. Installing directly to surface with screws

3. Using the VOSKER adjustable mounting arm (V-MT360)