Privacy policy

Last updated: April 16, 2020


The policy statement 

PurNat Inc. has a policy to manage the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the standards set out in legislation on the protection of personal information and electronic documents (Canada) and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in the Private Sector (Quebec) (collectively the "Act"). To meet the requirements of the Act and for purposes of transparency and ethics, PurNat Inc. has a policy on the protection of privacy and confidentiality that it is committed to respect. In certain circumstances, personal information may be collected, used or disclosed without the knowledge of the person concerned and without his consent. These exceptions include the non-exclusive, personal information collected (i) for legal, medical or security purposes, (ii) for the detection and prevention of fraud or for the application of the law and (iii) for journalistic, artistic or literary purposes. PurNat Inc. may revise this policy of confidentiality in its sole discretion and at any time by the simple update of this page. The use of the website subsequent to the posting of such changes will mean acceptance of the revised privacy policy.  


Compliance with the Act   

PurNat Inc. is committed to respecting the requirements of the Act with respect to any personal information or information concerning a natural person that may be used to identify them.



PurNat Inc. is responsible for personal information under its control and has designated a coordinator of the management of personal information that ensures compliance with the law.  


Determination of the purposes of the collection of the information   

The purposes for which personal information is collected are determined by PurNat Inc. prior to collection or time. Dated from this policy, the purposes for which personal information is collected are: -To identify users and their place of residence; -To identify the language of correspondence of the user; -To create an online product sales; -To open an account for the user who requests so; -To register a user who requests to be sent catalogues, promotions or other current information to; -To register a user who made the request in a competition; -To conduct a survey of users wishing to learn about their habits, their needs and their tastes; -To determine the subjects of interest to a user to optimize the use of the web Site.



PurNat Inc. ensures that anyone is aware of any collection, use or disclosure of personal information relative to this same person  and that he/she consents to it.


Limitation of collection

PurNat Inc. collects only personal information required for the purposes identified above by it.


Limitation of use, disclosure and conservation

Personal information is not used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected unless the person concerned has consented thereto or unless the law allows it. PurNat Inc. is committed to keep personal information only as long as necessary for the achievement of the purposes identified. In this context, PurNat Inc. may disclose your personal information to third parties with whom they make business with, namely: (i) to the financial institution or credit that is used for the purchase of a product online (connected to the use of the customer's credit card); and (ii) to the suppliers of services of PurNat Inc. who have a contract that offers comparable personal information protection levels and use information in cases of PurNat Inc., including for its administrative communication, archiving and document management needs.  



Personal information shall be as accurate, complete and updated as required by the purpose for which they are intended. Any user from whom PurNat Inc. has collected personal information can contact them to change its folder to correct inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information and to delete outdated information or not justified by the subject-matter, or comments in writing and make them pay in the record.  


Security measures  

Personal information is protected by security corresponding to their degree of sensitivity. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, our Web Site has some mechanisms and features that will protect, with a higher degree, your personal information, either through the use of firewalls, electronic encoding or secure transactional areas. The commands that you transmit to us are hosted on a secure server.  



PurNat Inc., by publishing on its website this policy, does so that specific information about its policies and practices relating to the management of personal information are readily available to any person. If you have questions regarding this policy, do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator of the management of personal information, which is responsible for the policy of confidentiality in PurNat Inc., at the address or numbers of telephone or fax indicated in the heading of notice, complaints and communications of the terms of use so that we can respond to the extent possible.  


Access to personal information

PurNat Inc. is committed to inform any person who requests so about the existence of personal information concerning, the use which is made and the fact that they were disclosed to third parties, and allow it to consult. It will be also possible to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and make the appropriate corrections. Please note that the access to your folder containing your personal information is free. However, we can require you the refund of reasonable costs related to reproduction and the transmission of such personal information. We will inform you in advance of these costs, if there are any.


Possibility to lodge a complaint for a breach of the principles

Any person may make a complaint to PurNat Inc. in the event of non-compliance with the above principles by contacting the coordinator of PurNat Inc. privacy policy to the address or to the numbers of telephone or fax indicated in the section notice, complaints and communications of the terms of use.



All employees at PurNat Inc. that collect, maintain or use personal information are required to ensure that the collection, use and disclosure of this information should be conducted in accordance with this policy and the relevant procedures.  


No conservation information outside of Quebec

PurNat Inc. retains your information within the territorial boundaries of Quebec. However, the information collected for the payment of the products are collected by PayPal ™ or Stripe MC and are kept on their servers. PurNat Inc. cannot guarantee that these informations are not kept on servers located outside Quebec or the Canada and cannot be held responsible for any prejudice in this regard.


Other information and conditions relating to the privacy and security

We invite you to read the Conditions of use of the web Site of PurNat Inc. to learn more about the conditions that apply to your use of the web Site and your personal information. Click here for these terms of use.