Our founders

To date, Marcel and Jean-Raphaël are working with business partners, volunteers and government officials to create a healthy environment for future generations.

They really believe that the fact working together can solve this outrageous problem around the world.

Marcel Poiré

President & founder

Jean-Raphaël Poiré

General manger & Founder

Our staff and volunteers

Without the support of our dedicated staff and extraordinary volunteers,

it would be impossible to fulfill our mission.

Lyne Camiré


Robert Coutu

Business development

Benoit Limoges 

Biologist specializing in ecology

Karim Mouatassim

Events coordinator

Guillaume Gissinger

Events coordinator

Véronique Hamel

Events coordinator

Dominik Giroux

Events coordinator

Stéphane Gosselin

Graphic designer

Graham Guertin


Alexandre Richard


Our board of directors

Our board of directors shares our values and our vision


  • Jean-Raphaël Poiré - President
  • Bruno Lépine - Secretary
  • Jean-François Kpatcha - Treasurer
  • Stéphane Gosselin - Administrator
  • François Forest - Administrator
  • Kevin Chamberland - Administrator

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