PurNat Videos

PurNat Videos

The Previan Foundation encourages projects with a significant impact on the environment and communities. Our teams around the world engage in activities that create a positive effect in their communities.

The Previan Foundation engages locally with PurNat to generate global impact. By focusing our efforts on environmental preservation at the local level, we create an inspiring model for environmental action. Every cleanup operation, every awareness initiative contributes to a healthier ecosystem, not only for our community, but also for the entire planet. We are proud to be an example to follow, demonstrating that local actions, when orchestrated with passion and commitment, can positively influence on a global scale. Join us in this endeavor and become a force for lasting change.

Cascades X PurNat : A small gesture that makes a difference!

For 2024, we hope for many other small and big gestures that will contribute to the well-being of people, communities and the planet. This is the mission that Cascades adopted 60 years ago and still to this day, it is lived through initiatives such as the one carried out by Cascadeuses and Cascadeurs in collaboration with PurNat: removing the waste accumulated in a natural site near our sorting center in Surrey, British Columbia. Let's make a difference!

PurNat vs Cascades

The Cascadeurs and Cascadeuses have cleaned up a site in Contrecoeur, Quebec, and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Their dedication to restored the beauty of these polluted sites. The residents were inspired to act. Together we make a difference. THANKS to the Cascadeurs and Cascadeuses for their commitment. PurNat protects our environment for future generations.

I'm glad to know that you want to change things with PurNat. Join us to protect and preserve our environment. Together we can make a significant difference. Let's clean up the beaches and the rivers; let's plant trees and make people aware of the importance of nature. Adopt responsible actions; reduce our carbon footprint and inspire future generations to Act. Every little action counts. Engage yourself! Participate in our projects and together, let's create a brighter future green and sustainable. Join PurNat and let's be the guardians of our planet for years to come.

PurNat • I want to change the world

I am delighted to know that you want to change things with PurNat. Join us to protect and preserve our environment. Together we can make a significant difference. Let's clean up the beaches and the rivers; let's plant trees and make people aware of the importance of nature. Let's take responsible action; let's reduce our carbon footprint and inspire future generations to take action. Every little action counts. Engage yourself! Participate in our projects and together, let's create a greener and more sustainable future. Join PurNat and let's be stewards of our planet for years to come.

The big cleanup Solmax

PurNat is proudly associated with Solmax International, a major civil infrastructure company and environmental, durable and resistant. 50 volunteers  Solmax’s dedicated employees, have contributed to withdrawing more than 175 tons of waste in Varennes, Quebec. Their   hard work demonstrates their commitment to the environment and their determination to make our planet cleaner and healthier. PurNat applauds their remarkable contribution and thanks them for being actors of change. Together we continue to preserve our environment, to create sustainable solutions and to inspire others to take action. Many thanks to all Solmax volunteers for their precious collaboration

PurNat socially responsible organization

PurNat was born following an alarming observation of the existence of thousands of illegal dumps and their harmful effects on the equilibrium of nature. We became aware of the urgency to act to preserve our environment and restore the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our objective is to clean up these polluted sites, raise public awareness to the consequences of these acts and to promote environmentally responsible practices. With determination, let us join forces to protect nature, restore the ecological balance and inspire a positive change. Together we can do the difference and building a healthier future for all.

Congratulations to more than 140 volunteers of Groupe financier La Capitale for their remarkable contribution to the preservation of the environment!

Their dedication allowed to remove more than 100 tonnes of waste from Saint-Ferréol-les- Neiges, Quebec. Their exemplary action bears witness to the importance of social responsibility and commitment towards our planet. Thanks to their hard work, this beautiful place regains its natural splendour. PurNat salutes their effort and encourages them to continue to inspire others to take care of our environment. Together, we can create a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

Canadian charity number: 810304576RR0001


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