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Protect the environment by setting up and operating a service to clean up illegal landfills in North America. Educate and raise awareness among the general public on issues related to environmental protection, such as illegal dumping grounds, pollution and recycling.


Become a reference and a pride in the protection of nature and its inhabitants in North America and our beautiful planet.



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The story behind PurNat

An amateur of mountain biking and hiking, Marcel Poiré was constantly confronted in the past with scenes of neglect and disrespect for the environment.

Each time he went out into the forest, he picked up the bottles and cans littering his way.

Despite his efforts, he quickly realized that illegal dumpsites were present and that he would not be able to pick up all of this trash

He found automobile tires, oil containers, all kinds of scrap metal, household garbage and large items such as cars. He therefore began a search to identify organizations that could come and clean up these polluted sites.

In the absence of resources, he decided to work with his son Jean-Raphaël Poiré. They then decided to create a non-profit organization. After several months of research and consultation, PurNat Canada was created in July 2013.

To date, Marcel and Jean-Raphaël are working with partners, volunteers and government officials to create a healthy environment for future generations. They truly believe that working together can solve this outrageous problem worldwide.


PurNat is based on three cornerstones:

  • Educate young people
  • Raise awareness
  • Mobilize volunteers

Foundation of the organization: July 2013, City of Quebec, Quebec, Canada

The founders : Marcel Poiré and Jean-Raphaël Poiré

Presentation document

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

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