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1. Commitment to nature: PurNat is an organization dedicated to the protection of the environment. By becoming a PurNat Fan, you support its mission to preserve nature, reduce bad environmental impacts and promote a lifestyle for a healthy and sustainable environment.

2. Inspiration and education: PurNat provides information, resources and practical advice for adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. As a PurNat Fan, you will benefit from privileged access to this body of knowledge and you will be inspired by choosing concrete actions to protect our planet.

3. Engaged community: By joining the PurNat Fans community, you will be surrounded by people who share the same values and aspirations. You will be able to exchange ideas, share experiences and support each other in your commitment to the environment.

4. Participation opportunities: PurNat regularly organizes events, projects and initiatives in which you can participate as a PurNat Fan. This can include, among other things, citizen clean-ups, awareness campaigns and much more.

5. Access to exclusive resources: As a PurNat Fan, you will be able to benefit from privileged access to exclusive resources such as guides, videos, webinars and other content specially designed for Fans.

6. Positive impact: By supporting PurNat as a Fan, you contribute to strengthening the impact of the organization in the protection of the environment. Your support helps sustain PurNat's future initiatives and projects to reach more people and make a real difference.

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PurNat • I want to change the world

I am delighted to know that you want to change things with PurNat. Join us to protect and preserve our environment. Together we can make a significant difference. Let's clean up the beaches and the rivers; let's plant trees and make people aware of the importance of nature. Let's take responsible action; let's reduce our carbon footprint and inspire future generations to take action. Every little action counts. Engage yourself! Participate in our projects and together, let's create a greener and more sustainable future. Join PurNat and let's be stewards of our planet for years to come.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

Canadian charity number: 810304576RR0001


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