Proudly, drones are making their debut at PurNat:

We can now detect, from the air, any areas of waste or contamination!

PurNat now has the capacity to detect all contaminated areas and waste deposits from the air, thanks to a fleet of drones equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

These drones fly over natural environments with high-resolution cameras and specialized sensors, allowing the PurNat team to more effectively locate areas contaminated by waste much more quickly. These technological additions make it possible to intervene effectively in our actions, for the preservation of our environment.

PurNat can now digitally scan the banks of rivers and lakes to obtain precise results and analyses, in times that were previously simply unimaginable! Even more, the sensors of our drones allow us to assess the state of erosion of your banks, to detect the presence of pollutants or debris of various sizes and colors, in record time. A more than valuable help!

No more need to dispatch an army of employees to carry out the long and costly chores of searching for waste, because the global view provided by our drones allows us to detect contaminated sites very precisely and to direct our teams directly to the right places and to the right places. moments to carry out a “tailor-made” cleaning of your contaminated natural spaces.

For more information, make an appointment with one of our advisors.


PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

Canadian charity number: 810304576RR0001


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