Add a unique touch to your conference with PurNat!

Dear Congress Organizers,

Have you ever dreamed of adding a truly unique touch to your next conference? We have the perfect opportunity for you! PurNat, a leader in the field of environmental preservation, offers you an unforgettable experience that combines learning, ecological action and team fun.

Discover PurNat - events serving the environment: Exciting educational workshops: Offer your participants educational workshops led by our environmental experts. They will learn the importance of nature conservation and ecological actions through interactive and fun activities.

Responsible cleaning operations: Involve your participants in an ecological cleaning operation. We provide all the necessary equipment for a unique and meaningful experience. This is the perfect opportunity to build a sense of accomplishment and teamwork.

Inspiring Conferences: Invite our renowned speakers for captivating presentations on the latest advances in environmental conservation. They will share inspiring stories and concrete solutions for a healthy and ecologically sustainable environment.

Exploring nature: Organize guided tours to local nature parks or other ecological sites. This is a unique opportunity for your participants to reconnect with nature and explore the biodiversity of our planet.

Eco-themed evenings: Transform your conference evenings into eco-responsible events! From the decoration to the menus, everything will be designed with respect for the environment, thus offering a unique and exceptional gastronomic and visual experience.

Add an eco-conscious dimension to your conference and offer your participants much more than just a professional meeting. With PurNat as a partner, your event will become a memorable, educational and engaging experience.

Don't wait any longer to make your conference a unique and extraordinary event. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized offerings and how we can help make your event successful.

Together for a greener future,

The PurNat Team


PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

Canadian charity number: 810304576RR0001


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