Expertises and services

Our expertise

Protecting the environment has proven to be one of the most pressing issues for many citizens, businesses and even government officials. Our team has developed unique expertise in environmental protection by setting up and operating a cleaning service to eliminate illegal dumping. We specialize in hard-to-reach places, such as steep hills, rivers, all types of terrain, etc. Our biggest cleanup to date had 650 tonnes of waste.

We pulled over, from our Canadian forests:

+22 millions


+10 000


+1 000


Our services

The involvement of employees starts from you!

PurNat offers unparalleled, turnkey service. We have developed a unique way to create festive and effective cleanup events in addition to being good for the environment!

The current economic environment requires companies mobilizing their employees in a context of social involvement. 


Diogenes syndrome

This syndrome, also called syllogomania, is a disorder characterized by the excessive accumulation of unnecessary objects. We work closely with the municipalities and governments affected by this widespread phenomenon. Since 2013, our success has been based on the talent and know-how that make up the wealth of our team. 

Land cleanups

Our team provides fast and efficient service tailored to your needs. Take advantage of the expertise of our team We specialize in hard to reach places, such as steep hills, rivers, wetlands, all types of land, etc. Our biggest cleanup had 650 tons of garbage in one place. Thus, we manage to recover any type of recycle bin of any size, weight and location.


Aquatic cleanups

Our experts specialize in rivers and lakes. Our team has developed unique expertise in environmental protection by setting up and operating a cleaning service to eliminate waste on the surface and at the bottom of our rivers and lakes.

Zero Waste at my school

At PurNat, educating young people is an integral part of our mission. The program joins the three pillars of our mission which are education, awareness and mobilization of young people to the problems of illegal dumping grounds.


Prevention materials

VOSKER offers the most reliable, flexible and secure cellular camera system available on the market today. The use of surveillance cameras reduces the proliferation of illegal landfills on your company land, at your cottage, etc.



PurNat organizes cleaning events for cities involving its citizens and the participation of partners

Absolutely! PurNat is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. PurNat initiates and organizes cleaning events in different cities, with the participation of local partners. Citizens are invited to participate actively.

These events are an opportunity for residents of a city to come together, work together and contribute to the cleanliness of their local environment. PurNat collaborates with local partners, such as businesses, associations and community organizations, to mobilize a greater number of participants and thus maximize the impact and success of these events.

Add a unique touch to your conference with PurNat!

Have you ever dreamed of adding a truly unique touch to your next conference? We have the perfect opportunity for you! PurNat, a leader in the field of environmental preservation, offers you an unforgettable experience that combines learning, ecological action and team fun.

Discover PurNat - events serving the environment: Exciting educational workshops: Offer your participants educational workshops led by our environmental experts. They will learn the importance of nature conservation and ecological actions through interactive and fun activities.


PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT by setting up and operating a cleanup service to dispose illegal dump sites.

EDUCATE AND INCREASE AWARNESS among the general public against various challenges related to the environment such as illegal dump sites, pollution and recycling.

Canadian charity number: 810304576RR0001


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